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Introducing the Annual TPM Most Viewed Post Award (and our 2014 winner)

2014 was the first full year of The Political Methodologist‘s on-line blog presence. As we take stock of the year that was, I thought it would be informative for readers and potential submitters (not to mention, ahem, editors) to take … Continue reading

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Request for Proposals for Editor, APSR

Editor’s note: this notice is posted at the request of Barbara Walthall, Managing Editor or PS, on behalf of the APSR Editorial search committee. In June 2016, the University of North Texas editorial team at the American Political Science Review … Continue reading

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Advisor Corner: interview tips for ABDs on the job market

‘Tis the season for job interviews in Political Science, and departments and candidates are meeting each other for the first time all over the world.  I thought it’d be useful to talk about some job interview tips that I’ve found useful … Continue reading

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What does a failed replication really mean? (or, One cheer for Jason Mitchell)

A few weeks ago, Jason Mitchell wrote a piece entitled “On the emptiness of failed replications.” Mitchell is a professor in Harvard University’s department of Psychology studying “the cognitive processes that support inferences about the psychological states of other people … Continue reading

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Style, Substance, and the Impact on Gender Imbalance in Methods

I am really pleased to see that our series on Women in Methodology is already generating some much-needed attention to and discussion of the issues that women face in our subfield! Our two entries in the series have already been … Continue reading

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Barriers to Women’s Participation in Political Methodology: Graduate School and Beyond

Why aren’t more women participating in the Political Methodology society? Statistics on attendance at the summer meetings reveal that from 1984 to 2010, about 25% of participants were women. While this proportion is not notably different from comparable political science … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Women in Methodology

Today, I am proud to announce a series of articles in The Political Methodologist focused on gender diversity in political methodology. This series will be guest edited by Megan Shannon, an assistant professor of Political Science at Florida State University … Continue reading

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