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Visualize Dynamic Simulations of Autoregressive Relationships in R

by: Christopher Gandrud, Laron K. Williams, and Guy D. Whitten Two recent trends in the social sciences have drastically improved the interpretation of statistical models. The first trend is researchers providing substantively meaningful quantities of interest when interpreting models rather … Continue reading

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Some code for estimating clustered SEs in mlogit models

There’s a well-known bit of code for estimating Liang and Zeger (1986) type cluster robust standard errors for GLM models in R (see also Rogers 1993), but it doesn’t work exactly right off-the-shelf for multinomial models estimated in the mlogit … Continue reading

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Making High-Resolution Graphics for Academic Publishing

Political scientists increasingly use data visualizations to communicate statistical results. These visualizations make those results clear and intuitive, and perhaps beautiful. Yet the quality of the data story is sometimes lost in pixelated, low-resolution images. While the visualization itself might … Continue reading

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Git/GitHub, Transparency, and Legitimacy in Quantitative Research

The decreasing cost of computing power and the increase in the availability of a variety of public data has made quantitative research much more attractive to quantitative social scientists. I would argue that the increasing availability of public data and … Continue reading

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Being Careful with Multilevel Regression with Poststratification

Over at Andrew Gelman’s blog, there’s an interesting discussion going on about a new paper by Buttice and Highton assessing the accuracy of MRP estimates of state-level opinion. (MRP is short for Multilevel Regression with Poststratification, sometimes called “Mister P.”) … Continue reading

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GDELTtools: R Package to Download, Subset, and Normalize GDELT Data

International relations scholars interested in using the huge GDELT database of geocoded, conflict-related events should check out this new R package from Steve Haptonstahl of Berico Technologies and his collaborators!

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Showing Results from Cox Proportional Hazard Models in R with simPH

[Ed. note: This post was contributed by Christopher Gandrud, a postdoctoral researcher at the Hertie School of Governance, and originally featured on his blog.] Effectively showing estimates and uncertainty from Cox Proportional Hazard (PH) models, especially for interactive and non-linear … Continue reading

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