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Book Review: Political Analysis Using R

James E. Monogan, III. 2015. Political Analysis Using R. Springer. There are a lot of books about R. A partial list on The R Project’s website lists 157 as of May 2016 and that list has some glaring omissions such … Continue reading

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The Multiple Routes to Credibility

Peer review — by which I mean the decision to publish research manuscripts based upon the anonymous critique of approximately three individuals — is a remarkably recent innovation. As a June, 2015 article in Times Higher Education makes clear, the … Continue reading

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Making High-Resolution Graphics for Academic Publishing

Political scientists increasingly use data visualizations to communicate statistical results. These visualizations make those results clear and intuitive, and perhaps beautiful. Yet the quality of the data story is sometimes lost in pixelated, low-resolution images. While the visualization itself might … Continue reading

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