International Methods Colloquium: 2018-2019 Schedule!

On behalf of the advisory board (Michelle Dion, Cassy Dorff, Jeff Harden, Dustin Tingley, and Chris Zorn), I am pleased to announce the schedule of International Methods Colloquium series talks for the 2018-2019 academic year!

The International Methods Colloquium (IMC) is a weekly seminar series of methodology-related talks and roundtable discussions focusing on political methodology; the series is supported by Wake Forest University and was previously supported by Rice University and a grant from the National Science Foundation. The IMC is free to attend from anywhere around the world using a PC or Mac, a broadband internet connection, and our free software. You can find out more about the IMC at our website:

where you can join a talk in progress using the “Watch Now!” link. You can also watch archived talks from previous IMC seasons at this site. Registration in advance for a talk is encouraged, but not required.

Note that all talks begin at 12:00p Eastern Time and last precisely one hour.

Here is our schedule of presenters (and a link to our Google Calendar):

Fall Semester
  1. Oct 12: Matthew Blackwell, Harvard [register to attend]
  2. Oct 19: Masha Krupenkin, Stanford [register to attend]
  3. Nov 2: Roundtable on Gender, Citations, and the Methodology Community with Michelle Dion (McMaster), Sara Mitchell (Iowa), Dave Peterson (Iowa State), and Barbara Walter (UCSD) [register to attend]
  4. Nov 9: Luke Keele, University of Pennsylvania [register to attend]
  5. Nov 16: Kevin Munger, Princeton/Penn State [register to attend]
  6. Nov 30: Pablo Barbera, London School of Economics [register to attend]
Spring Semester
  1. Feb 1: Michelle Torres, Rice [register to attend]
  2. Feb 8: Marcel Neunhoeffer, Mannheim [register to attend]
  3. Feb 15: Winston Chou, Princeton [register to attend]
  4. Feb 22: Erin Rossiter, WUSTL [register to attend]
  5. Mar 1: Matthew Tyler/Christian Fong, Stanford [register to attend]
  6. Mar 8: Rob Carroll, Florida State [register to attend]
  7. March 29: Carlos Carvalho, University of Texas Statistics [register to attend]

Additional information for each talk (including a title and a link to a relevant paper) will be released closer to its date.

Please contact me if you need any more information; I hope to see many of you there!

About Justin Esarey

Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University.
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