International Methods Colloquium Schedule for AY 2017-2018

I’m pleased to announce the schedule of speakers in the International Methods Colloquium Series for 2017-2018!

Arthur Spirling (New York University) October 20th
Roundtable on Reproducibility and a Stricter Threshold for Statistical Significance: Dan Benjamin (University of Southern California), Daniel Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology), and E.J. Wagenmakers(University of Amsterdam) October 27th
Will Hobbs (Northeastern University) November 3rd
Adeline Lo (Princeton University) November 10th
Olga Chyzh (Iowa State University) November 17th
Pamela Ban (Harvard University) December 1st
Teppei Yamamoto (Massachussetts Institute of Technology) February 2nd
Clay Webb (University of Kansas) February 16th
Mark Pickup (Simon Fraser University) February 23rd
Erik Peterson (Dartmouth College) March 2nd
Casey Crisman-Cox (Washington University in St. Louis) March 9th
Erin Hartman (University of California, Los Angeles) March 23rd

Note that all presentations will begin at noon Eastern time and last for one hour. Additional information for each presentation (including a title and link to relevant paper) will be released closer to its date. You can preregister to attend a presentation by clicking on the link in the Google Calendar entry corresponding to the talk; the IMC’s Google Calendar is available at (Anyone can show up the day of the presentation without pre-registering if they wish as long as room remains; there are 500 seats available in each webinar.)

The International Methods Colloquium (IMC) is a weekly seminar series of methodology-related talks and roundtable discussions focusing on political methodology; the series is supported by Rice University and a grant from the National Science Foundation. The IMC is free to attend from anywhere around the world using a PC or Mac, a broadband internet connection, and our free software. You can find out more about the IMC at our website,, where you can register for any of these talks and/or join a talk in progress using the “Watch Now!” link. You can also watch archived talks from previous IMC seasons at this site.

About Justin Esarey

Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University.
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