Suzanna Linn IMC Talk Friday 2/13 @ 12:00 Eastern: “Treating Time with All Due Seriousness”

This week, Suzanna Linn (Penn State University) will be giving a presentation entitled “Treating Time with All Due Seriousness.” Everyone is welcome to join us this Friday, February 13th, at 12:00 PM Eastern time for the presentation and interactive Q&A with participants from around the world. The entire seminar will last approximately one hour.

To sign up for the presentation (or to join it while it is in progress), click here:

You can participate from a Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere with a reliable internet connection; please see here for more details on how to participate in the IMC as an audience member.

Next week’s talk (Friday 2/20 at 12:00 Eastern) will be by Christopher Zorn (Penn State University).

About Justin Esarey

Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University.
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