Request for Proposals for Editor, APSR

Editor’s note: this notice is posted at the request of Barbara Walthall, Managing Editor or PS, on behalf of the APSR Editorial search committee.

In June 2016, the University of North Texas editorial team at the American Political Science Review will complete its current term. APSA President Rodney Hero has named an APSR search committee to help identify a successor or successors to be presented for Council approval in August 2015.

The members of the search committee are Melanie Manion, University of Wisconsin, Madison, chair; Frank Baumgartner, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Paulina Ochoa Espejo, Haverford College; Amy Mazur, Washington State University; Reuel Rogers, Northwestern University; Peter Trubowitz, London School of Economics; and Christopher Zorn, Pennsylvania State University.

The Review is the centerpiece of the association’s publications. Its contents represent the best work in political science to political scientists in the United States and abroad, to other social scientists, and to interested parties in foundations, government, and the private sector.

The search committee invites proposals for an editor or group of editors to lead the Review. The new editor or editors will be charged with maintaining the centrality of the Review to the profession and upholding the standards of excellence cultivated by Review editors since 1906. The search committee seeks an editor or editorial team with a commitment to publishing articles that represent the substantive and methodological diversity of the discipline, including qualitative and multi-method research, and support of data access and research transparency in journal publication. Any proposal should include ideas for maintaining the high standards of the journal and increasing the diversity of articles published.

Typically, the cost of running the journal is shared by the editorial home institution and APSA. Potential editors should consider this cost-sharing norm in submitting proposals to the committee. The association is especially open to proposals that include innovative individual and institutional collaborations and welcomes preliminary discussions with candidates about how such proposals might be structured and funded.

Proposals, accompanied by resumes, should be sent to Questions about the search and the editor position can be directed to Steven Rathgeb Smith, executive director of APSA, at The committee will begin to review proposals on April 15, 2015. The committee may review proposals submitted after the deadline. Proposals submitted on or before the deadline will receive full consideration.

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