Winter 2014 Print Edition of TPM

The Winter 2014 Print Edition of The Political Methodologist has been released!

This edition contains articles from Thomas Leeper (Making High-Resolution Graphics for Academic Publishing), Zachary Jones (Git/GitHub, Transparency, and Legitimacy in Quantitative Research), Arthur Spirling (Giving a (Job) Talk: Notes from the Field), and Justin Esarey (What Courses Do I Need to Prepare for a PhD in Political Science?). All of these articles were previously featured on our blog and received a great deal of popular attention.

Check it out!

About Justin Esarey

Associate Professor of Political Science at Rice University.
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2 Responses to Winter 2014 Print Edition of TPM

  1. Zach Jones says:

    Shouldn’t it be Winter 2013?

    • I was trying to match the publication schedule of Political Analysis (doing Winter/Summer issues for TPM instead of Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall), but I now notice that this is different than how TPM has been seasonally designated in the past (Fall/Spring). So really, if I want to stick to the old system, it’ll have to be Fall 2013.

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