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Making High-Resolution Graphics for Academic Publishing

Political scientists increasingly use data visualizations to communicate statistical results. These visualizations make those results clear and intuitive, and perhaps beautiful. Yet the quality of the data story is sometimes lost in pixelated, low-resolution images. While the visualization itself might … Continue reading

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Git/GitHub, Transparency, and Legitimacy in Quantitative Research

The decreasing cost of computing power and the increase in the availability of a variety of public data has made quantitative research much more attractive to quantitative social scientists. I would argue that the increasing availability of public data and … Continue reading

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Giving a (Job) Talk: Notes from the Field

There can be few activities more anxiety-inducing than going on the job market. Once on the market, there can be few activities that are more anxiety-inducing than giving a job talk. This post is an attempt to share information and … Continue reading

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Reinhardt-Rogoff Redux: Debt, Growth, and Public Expenditure

Last week, I assigned an exam problem for my graduate methods class wherein they would re-examine the Reinhardt-Rogoff result linking decreased GDP growth to increased national debt. They examined this hypothesis in the Quality of Government data set, a product of … Continue reading

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