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Methods Syllabus Request (Data Collection Project)

We forward on this request from faculty members at WVU: We are collecting syllabi from political scientists who teach undergraduate methods courses for a content analysis project. If you teach an undergraduate political science methods course, would you consider forwarding … Continue reading

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Special Issue of TPM: Diversity and the Society for Political Methodology

The editors of The Political Methodologist and Meg Shannon of Florida State University are calling for papers for a special issue of TPM addressing diversity in the methods community! Why should we support efforts to nurture diversity within the political methodology society? The … Continue reading

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Being Careful with Multilevel Regression with Poststratification

Over at Andrew Gelman’s blog, there’s an interesting discussion going on about a new paper by Buttice and Highton assessing the accuracy of MRP estimates of state-level opinion. (MRP is short for Multilevel Regression with Poststratification, sometimes called “Mister P.”) … Continue reading

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What courses do I need to prepare for a PhD in Political Science?

I recently had a discussion with some of my graduate students about what an ideal preparation for a PhD program in Political Science would look like. They were discussing the issue because they felt that very little of their undergraduate … Continue reading

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GDELTtools: R Package to Download, Subset, and Normalize GDELT Data

International relations scholars interested in using the huge GDELT database of geocoded, conflict-related events should check out this new R package from Steve Haptonstahl of Berico Technologies and his collaborators!

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Women and the Methods Conference

Sara Mitchell has published an interesting piece in The Washington Post about female participation in conferences and gender bias in the citations of published work. It’s of particular interest to the methodology community because Political Analysis and the annual meeting of … Continue reading

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