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Credibility Toryism: Causal Inference, Research Design, and Evidence

In a prior post on my personal blog, I argued that it is misleading to label matching procedures as causal inference procedures (in the Neyman-Rubin sense of the term). My basic argument was that the causal quality of these inferences … Continue reading

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Population Density and Voting Patterns

A recent analysis produced by Conor Sen has been going ’round the blogosphere, most prominently in the Atlantic Monthly. The chart shows the relationship between a Congressional district’s population density (on the y-axis) against the Cook Partisan Voting Index. … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties Resolved

Right after our launch last week, Rice’s WordPress installation began suffering a problem whereby posts and changes to TPM would disappear several hours after being posted. Consequently, we have moved our blog to new hosting at All our old … Continue reading

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Showing Results from Cox Proportional Hazard Models in R with simPH

[Ed. note: This post was contributed by Christopher Gandrud, a postdoctoral researcher at the Hertie School of Governance, and originally featured on his blog.] Effectively showing estimates and uncertainty from Cox Proportional Hazard (PH) models, especially for interactive and non-linear … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Political Methodologist!

Welcome to the new format of a venerable institution, The Political Methodologist! For over 25 years, TPM has provided an outlet for practical advice concerning cutting-edge methodology for political scientists around the world. As a new team based at Rice … Continue reading

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